Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Next Trailer..."The Rose of Cimerron"

Here's the second trailer...such a cutie at only 10 ft. in length and 'rescued' from her life as a hunting cabin!  This 1968 Aloha had all the makings of a wonderful addition to our fleet..she just needed a good cleaning and some very cheery paint.
1968 Aloha with her new paint inside...

Cabinet faces removed as we get the first coat on...
So, we broke out the yellow (very brave)..and at least 4 coats later (!!) she looks amazing!  We brought in red accents, new cord upholstery and bits of black touches to finish the bright western theme.  The curtains were a labor of love, to be sure...all sewn from vintage cowgirl print.
More coming soon...

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