Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back To The 'Rose Of Cimerron'

The 'Rose of Cimerron' is just getting a few new bits and water tank, pump, etc...but her interior is finished and it's time to share!  We think she turned out pretty darn cute.  

From the moment you enter, the cheery yellow kitchen 
welcomes you..kick your boots off and stay awhile!

We shortened the back bunk, turning it into a
storage area

Coffee cups hang within easy reach of the coffee pot! 

 Close up of our little library...mags. can go home with you!

Our coffee actually percolates the old fashion way

New red upholstery on the settee..this is also
the bed area at day's end

Hope you enjoyed our tour of her interior...she's nearly finished and just waiting for her beautiful new exterior paint.  We'll be posting her final photos soon.

Happy Trails!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And We're Off To Get Another One!!!

At this point you're probably thinking...they've got the vintage trailer bug real bad.  You're right!  Over a cup of coffee and a few minutes on the computer and we had our next gem in sight.  Only this one would take some winter driving and a bit of that old west tenacity to get it done.  Early next morning we raced off to Puyallup, snow storm or much of anything else was going to keep us from seeing this trailer!
Pam and Amy in front of the little cutie

Amy had it nice looking to start with...

This trailer was in quite good shape to start.  It came with a fresh white paint job... 
which made this one come together quite easily.  In keeping with our theme, this trailer is named after Pearl de of the most famous madame's of the old west.  Quite the plucky lady, after her first bordello burned to the ground and her husband left for work in Mexico, she gathered herself up and rebuilt a more opulent and wildly successful bordello than nearly any other of her day!
Pam puts on a fresh coat of garden green for the kitchen...

So in memory of Pearl de Vere and her tenacious spirit  we give you 
'The Pearl' in all her pink satin finery--

Ummmm....yes, that IS a pink chandelier!

The kitchen is almost finished...where'd 
that pink ice bucket go??

My Next Trailer..."The Rose of Cimerron"

Here's the second trailer...such a cutie at only 10 ft. in length and 'rescued' from her life as a hunting cabin!  This 1968 Aloha had all the makings of a wonderful addition to our fleet..she just needed a good cleaning and some very cheery paint.
1968 Aloha with her new paint inside...

Cabinet faces removed as we get the first coat on...
So, we broke out the yellow (very brave)..and at least 4 coats later (!!) she looks amazing!  We brought in red accents, new cord upholstery and bits of black touches to finish the bright western theme.  The curtains were a labor of love, to be sure...all sewn from vintage cowgirl print.
More coming soon...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Time To Get Started!!

Welcome to my blog about vintage trailers and trails ridden along the way! 

I'm Pamela Adler  from Bend, Oregon and this blog with help to showcase and follow this journey into a unique - and exciting - new business: 



an early beginning...

I ride a tough and somewhat challenging Kiger mustang...enjoy looking for antiques to decorate my trailers and, when time allows, enjoy riding the high country with my closest gal friends!

This blog will follow along as I acquire these special little trailers...many in rather rough shape...and how they are brought back to life through cleaning, painting, special western decor and lots of attention to special details. If you love these little gems as I do, you'll enjoy following along. If you get the chance, come out for a visit and take one out for your own special trailer experience!