Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back To The 'Rose Of Cimerron'

The 'Rose of Cimerron' is just getting a few new bits and water tank, pump, etc...but her interior is finished and it's time to share!  We think she turned out pretty darn cute.  

From the moment you enter, the cheery yellow kitchen 
welcomes you..kick your boots off and stay awhile!

We shortened the back bunk, turning it into a
storage area

Coffee cups hang within easy reach of the coffee pot! 

 Close up of our little library...mags. can go home with you!

Our coffee actually percolates the old fashion way

New red upholstery on the settee..this is also
the bed area at day's end

Hope you enjoyed our tour of her interior...she's nearly finished and just waiting for her beautiful new exterior paint.  We'll be posting her final photos soon.

Happy Trails!!

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