Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Grand Opening Day, May 12, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And We're Off To Get Another One!!!

At this point you're probably thinking...they've got the vintage trailer bug real bad.  You're right!  Over a cup of coffee and a few minutes on the computer and we had our next gem in sight.  Only this one would take some winter driving and a bit of that old west tenacity to get it done.  Early next morning we raced off to Puyallup, snow storm or much of anything else was going to keep us from seeing this trailer!
Pam and Amy in front of the little cutie

Amy had it nice looking to start with...

This trailer was in quite good shape to start.  It came with a fresh white paint job... 
which made this one come together quite easily.  In keeping with our theme, this trailer is named after Pearl de of the most famous madame's of the old west.  Quite the plucky lady, after her first bordello burned to the ground and her husband left for work in Mexico, she gathered herself up and rebuilt a more opulent and wildly successful bordello than nearly any other of her day!
Pam puts on a fresh coat of garden green for the kitchen...

So in memory of Pearl de Vere and her tenacious spirit  we give you 
'The Pearl' in all her pink satin finery--

Ummmm....yes, that IS a pink chandelier!

The kitchen is almost finished...where'd 
that pink ice bucket go??

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